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How To Recruit Without Picking Up The Phone

By Gilbert Medina On November 2, 2011 No Comments

So today I wanted to share a little secret with my readers on how to start recruiting without ever having to pick up the phone.

Today I want to talk to you about email marketing, and how it can help you to start learning how to recruit on complete autopilot.

The first thing you’ll want to start doing is building your email list if you haven’t already started yet.

Here’s what you’re going to want to do.

In the very bottom of your email follow up or broadcast that you send out, you’ll want to make sure that you add a P.S.

Not many people do this, and they are leaving a lot of money on the table.

So many people just send out an email to their list, but fail to realize that a lot of people just skip down to the bottom of their email just to read the P.S.

So, what you’ll want to do is start adding a P.S. at the bottom of every email that you send out to your list.

I like to call this the P.S. Recruiting Method. This is how to get people to join you without ever picking up the phone and calling them.

Of course their is more to it that this. You have to build a relationship with them first.

Here’s how I would put my signature in my email.


Take care,

Gilbert Medina

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I hope you enjoyed this post.

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Gilbert Medina

MLM Launch Formula – Get In While You Can

By Gilbert Medina On May 29, 2010 No Comments

MLM Launch Formula is most likely going to be the BIGGEST Launch Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson have ever done. These two gurus never cease to amaze me by what they teach.

If you have been around this industry for any time, you will discover that there are only a few who are actually producing massive results with their businesses.

Jonathan Budd is one of those guys who just doesn’t take no for an answer. You’ll see him all over the place marketing like a mad man.

If you have EVER Wanted to Learn what the pros know, I HIGHLY suggest that you get your hands on this training ASAP! If you are new to this industry, You’ll be shocked to learn what these guys are going to teach you. There have been several launches from so called MLM gurus that have claimed they would teach you everything…only to leave you high and dry with the missing pieces of the puzzle to build your mlm business.

However, Jonathan and Mark have proven to be different. Have you researched them? Do you see them everywhere? You probably do because they practice what they teach. You’re about to learn secrets you will NEVER know about how to truly build your MLM business with the MLM Launch Formula.

Get your hands on the MLM Launch Formula training course before it’s too late!

To Your Success,

Gilbert Medina

Getting Your MLM Sales Funnel Set Up

By Gilbert Medina On May 13, 2010 No Comments

Hey fellow network marketers and friends, It’s been a while since I posted on my blog and I wanted to share something with you all that I learned from one of my mentors about two years ago on getting your MLM Sales Funnel set up the right way. In the chart below you will see an example of a funnel and how easy it is to get this set up. Just like I teach in my other postings, You need certain tools to do this. You will need:

1. Capture Page.

2. An Autoresponder to follow up with your prospects.

3. A Product to sell and make a front end commission.

Once you learn these fundamental tactics, there is no telling how fast you can explode your business.

Here is an example of the chart you should be following to build your MLM.



Getting Your MLM Sales Funnel Set Up

Click Here To Get Your Own Sales Funnel Set Up

Take care,

Gilbert Medina

Home Based Business Leads

By Gilbert Medina On March 6, 2010 No Comments

You’re about to discover how you can finally generate your own home based business leads in no time flat! Starting right now!

First of all let me ask you a quick question.

Are you tired of the old school network marketing techniques? You know the 3 foot rule, hanging flyers, bugging your family and friends, and holding hotel meetings.

I know that when I first joined my first network marketing company, I was told to use these same techniques.  I was told to make a list of 100 people that I knew and basically call every one of them to ask and see if they would be interested in making some extra money.

I was only faced with questions I wasn’t able to answer, getting hung up on, and faced with nothing but rejection.

When I was officially shunned by everyone that I knew, all my upline told me to do was to go out and buy some opportunity leads.

This only led me to some more rejection and spending a bunch of money.

Now I was out of money, and had nothing to show for it.

Then just as I was going to give up, I found what I consider to be the “life saver” for my business.

This life saver I speak of was Mike Dillard’s 7 Day Free Video Boot Camp.

I quickly learned how to generate a massive amount of home based business leads really fast.

In these 7 free videos Mike explained how I could attract an endless stream of prospects to me ready to join and actually get paid to prospect.

These videos have really changed the way I do my business, and I think they can help you too.

You can get free instant access to these free videos here and discover how to generate tons of home based business leads… starting right now!

I hope you enjoy,
Gilbert Medina

Joint Ventures

By Gilbert Medina On February 18, 2010 No Comments

Are you ready to start building your list with Joint Ventures? This can be a very powerful marketing strategy for you!

This can be the very thing that gets your list to the next level and help you grow your business very quickly!

There really is no exact definition for the term Joint Venture. It simply means that two or more marketers are in agreement to send ads to eachother’s email lists to benefit them both. It’s basically like this.

I’ll send an ad to my email list if you do. Some marketers will not do joint ventures until you have enough subscribers on your email list. In some instances you will need 100 people on your email list, and in others you will need 1,000, or 5,000 people on your list to get started.

Ewen Chia is well know for doing these types of marketing techniques! This is how huge launches are done, and record profits are made. Everyone joins together to form this huge power packed army of marketers promoting one product for someone, and then it’s done for the next marketer who launches a new product.

While there are many ways to profit from joint venture partners, this is just one way. This is also how top internet marketers become friends and business partners.

If you really want to explode your list with joint venture partners, I suggest you sign up to to learn more about this really cool way to market online and build your list!

To your success,
Gilbert Medina

The Viral Secret

By Gilbert Medina On February 16, 2010 1 Comment

Alright! Are you finally ready to explode your list building endeavors? I want to show you this amazing strategy called The Viral Secret!

Everbody is always talking about how to grow the largest email list with Viral Marketing, so today I want to show how to do just that b leveraging other people.

I’m going to show you just one site that can literally explode your email list!

It is called If you haven’t read my post about Viral Url, you can go here. To make this short, Viral Url is a list builder on steroids. It is also a downline builder. I want you to get that part. It is a downline builder. This is how you are going to explode your email marketing list with this site.

1.) Join Viral Url and take the one time upgrade. It’s better that you do so you can email 3,000 people every 3 days.

2.) Go to the promotional section and click on the promotional tools link and scroll down until you see Step #2 Importer: Invite Your Personal Contacts. Click on that link and invite your fellow networkers and friends to join!

3.) If you have an email list already, send them a link to join and ask them to upgrade. This will bring you commissions as well. Viral Url pays really good commissions for people that upgrade through your link.

4.) Teach them to do what you did and your list will begin to grow fast.

5.) Next go to the Email Section and click on the Downline Mailer link and email all of your downline, and when you do this, make sure to send them to your lead capture page to get them on your email list. Make sure your offer is really good and you have some good quality content for them to sign up to your autoresponder list.

Can you follow these steps? If so, You will explode your email list fast! This is The Viral Secret!

There is nothing better than having other people build your list for you!

Remember this! This is only one list builder and probably the most responsive one on the internet at this time!

Have fun and explode your email list with The Viral Secret!

To Your Massive Success,

Gilbert Medina
Online Marketing & Business Coach

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Ultimate List Building Strategy

By Gilbert Medina On February 15, 2010 No Comments

So you finally decided to start building your list after you have been told by top internet marketers that it’s the only way to go. Here is one Ultimate List Building Strategy you can start using right now to get instant traffic to your lead capture page or website.

1.) Join Twitter for free.
2.) Join Socialoomph for free and set it up for auto following.
3.) Start following 50 people a day on Twitter and start posting 2 or 3 times a day to get your message out to your followers.
4.) Make sure that your links in your tweets point to your lead capture page to build your list.
5.) Make sure that your funnel is all set up in your autoresponder to follow up with prospects.

While this is just one strategy, there are so many more that could take me a long time to write about, so I just wanted to make this short for you.

This is just another great article from me to you! I hope you enjoy!

To The Top,

Gilbert Medina
Online Marketing & Business Coach

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How To Create A Lead Capture Page

By Gilbert Medina On February 14, 2010 No Comments

Are you wanting to learn how to create a lead capture page to start building your email list?

If so, then check this out! I made some videos sometime ago explaining everything you need to know in order for you to really get a head start over other people and start cranking out leads like crazy with your list building efforts!

With these videos, I walk you through step by step and show you exactly what tools you will need to get started, and how you can start getting instant traffic to your new lead capture page.

Lead capture pages aren’t hard to make with these videos that I’m going to show you in just a minute, but if you want to really start building a really big list, then listen up!

Make sure when you watch these videos that you follow everything I show you. Don’t skip one step or you could miss your opportunity to build your email list really huge.

One more thing! These videos are 100% FREE! I made them so people just like you who are reading my blog could finally stop struggling buying all kinds of software just to build a really good lead capture page.

Are you ready to learn how to create a lead capture page with simple step by step videos? If so, then check them out right now and follow every step.

How To Create A Lead Capture Page

This is just another great article from me to you! I hope you enjoy!

To The Top,

Gilbert Medina
Online Marketing & Business Coach

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List Building Secret Revealed

By Gilbert Medina On February 13, 2010 No Comments

Are you looking for one of the simplest ways to generate a ton of traffic to your website? If you are I want to show you a List Building Secret Revealed!

Are you ready for this? It’s called using other people’s lists. You may say, I don’t have a list yet, so how can I grow my list really fast…like on steroids?

Here it is in a nutshell. “LISTBUILDERS”

What are List Builders?

List Builders are basically membership sites that have thousands of members in them that are building their lists as well as you. There are tons of marketers in these simple to use systems.

One of them that I recommend is a list builder called Viral Url. Since you may not have a list of thousands of subscribers yet, you can still email thousands of people through these amazing programs.

For instance, if a list builder has 50,000 members in it, then as a free member you may be able to email 500 or so members a week with the free membership. If you have the upgraded account, you may be able to email 3,000 members every 3 days.

This is just an example. You always send an email that sends people to your lead capture page to build your list. So what you’re doing is getting people off of the list builder site and getting them to join your email list. This is a very powerful marketing strategy.

This is not all you can do with these systems to get traffic, but it one of the fastest ways to build your list!

This is just one list building secret revealed here in this short article.

Start Building Your Email List Fast With This Amazing List Builder System!

To The Top,

Gilbert Medina
Online Marketing & Business Coach

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List Joe Review

By Gilbert Medina On February 12, 2010 No Comments

If you’re looking for a legit way to get some really fast traffic to your website, then check out my List Joe Review!

Here’s what List Joe is and how it can help you in your business.

List Joe is basically a list builder and an email marketing service. It is a free service that allows you to send your emails to other members in return they send you their emails. It is similar to another service called Viral Url.

They also have a paid service, that if you take it, you can email several thousands of members every couple of days. The paid service by far is the way to go. If you decide to take the free service, you will have to click on credit links in your emails in order to send out emails, and you will not be able to send as many emails as the paid member.

List builders are very powerful marketing tools that if you take the time to do it right, they can pay off huge for your marketing.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to building my list, I like doing things the fast way!

List Joe is a state of the art high deliverability email system! It has a 96% deliverability success.

You can also post text ads. This is better than text ad exchanges! You can grow your lists inside of List Joe with their state of the art list building system, which has several other list builders inside of List Joe.

If you’re serious about growing your email lists, then I highly recommend you get signed up with List Joe ASAP!

Once you get signed up and get your email ad all set up, You’ll be ready to start sending traffic to your lead capture page!

I hope you enjoyed my List Joe Review!

To The Top,

Gilbert Medina
Online Marketing & Business Coach

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